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ZDNet/SmartBiz article: “More Applications of Speech Technology in [Belgian] Companies”

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

Read the full article by William Visterin (in Dutch).

I generally agree with this article. The economic advantages of automating routine call center tasks are obvious; the real question is whether users will have to pay the price in terms of service level. My answer to that question is that there is enough expertise on the local market to 1) pick the right automatable applications; 2) automate them well; and 3) have both contact centers and callers win in this game.

Don’t forget: the user experience doesn’t start when the customer service representative picks up the phone; it starts with the dial tone, and goes on (very … slowly) with the “hold on” messages and Mozart tunes. If speech technology can eliminate years and years of accumulated waiting time, why hesitate? Life is too short to be spent in waiting queues.