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VoiceXML Application Developer Certification

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

After having planned and postponed it for three years, this morning I finally took the official VoiceXML Application Developer Certification test, at the Cronos Campus in Brussels. It was tougher than I thought, but I did pass, with a decent margin. So from now on my wife is married to a certified VoiceXML developer – ain’t that a thrill!

VoiceXML Application Developer Certification

The exam questions are crafted in such a way that it doesn’t make much sense to study the language elements exhaustively from books; a few years of development experience seem to do the trick just as well, if not better. Most questions are of a practical nature, in the sense that you’re expected to predict the behaviour of a piece of VoiceXML, SRGSSISR, SSML, CCXML and/or JavaScript code. Or vice versa: what code is required to achieve a specific outcome?

For me the toughest questions were about subdialogs, CCXML, and the “initial” tag – probably because I haven’t come across these areas too often in the recent past. The easier questions for me had to do with grammars – both in XML and ABNF notation. If you do want to study one subject thoroughly, I would suggest the Form Interpretation Algorithm.

Some facts and figures: the certification cost me 122 euro, and I did need the full 120 minutes to fill out and review the 59 questions. So far the VoiceXML certification test is only offered on a desktop computer – if anyone’s working on a VoiceXML implementation, let me know :-)