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Voxeo: “Largest VoiceXML IVR Hosting Provider in Europe”

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Yesterday Voxeo announced their leader status as VoiceXML hosting provider in … Europe. The Orlando, Florida based company boasts a capacity of no less than 5000 concurrent ports from their existing data centre in Slough, UK, with local phone  number availability from every European country. An additional hosting facility in continental Europe is in the process of being deployed.

I have had the chance to develop and deploy sizeable VoiceXML applications on the Voxeo platforms a while ago, and was impressed by the company’s excellent support. My favourite debugging tool at the time, however, was BeVocal’s: it contained less low-level information, and the colouring log filter capabilities were as simple as brilliant.

As I have wondered before, it will be interesting to see if and how Nuance/BeVocal and Microsoft/Tellme will react to this outright challenge on the European front. Not to mention the local champions in the various European countries.