Voxeo acquires VoiceObjects

Two of my favourite companies in the speech-driven call automation field today announced their union. By acquiring VoiceObjects of Cologne, Germany, the American voice hosting company Voxeo further expands its presence in mainland Europe.

Voxeo of Orlando, Florida runs the world’s largest VoiceXML platform and is reputed for its extreme service. Three years ago I had the pleasure to work with them while developing the now defunct Beavis and Butthead hotline. I was just as impressed with the stability of their platform as with the professionalism and accessibility of their staff, up to and including CEO Jonathan Taylor.

In summer 2004, just after I started as an independent consultant in this business, VoiceObjects was so kind as to offer me a free voucher for their Consulting Partner Certification. Apart from this gesture, I also appreciated the flexibility and ease of use of their eponymous flagship product which greatly simplifies the development of multilingual speech applications.

Developers like me will surely welcome the announcement that “VoiceObjects will also be available in extremely cost-effective on-demand and on-premise offerings bundled with Voxeo’s own Prophecy VoiceXML Platform.”

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