VoiceXML Application Developer Certification

After having planned and postponed it for three years, this morning I finally took the official VoiceXML Application Developer Certification test, at the Cronos Campus in Brussels. It was tougher than I thought, but I did pass, with a decent margin. So from now on my wife is married to a certified VoiceXML developer – ain’t that a thrill!

VoiceXML Application Developer Certification

The exam questions are crafted in such a way that it doesn’t make much sense to study the language elements exhaustively from books; a few years of development experience seem to do the trick just as well, if not better. Most questions are of a practical nature, in the sense that you’re expected to predict the behaviour of a piece of VoiceXML, SRGSSISR, SSML, CCXML and/or JavaScript code. Or vice versa: what code is required to achieve a specific outcome?

For me the toughest questions were about subdialogs, CCXML, and the “initial” tag – probably because I haven’t come across these areas too often in the recent past. The easier questions for me had to do with grammars – both in XML and ABNF notation. If you do want to study one subject thoroughly, I would suggest the Form Interpretation Algorithm.

Some facts and figures: the certification cost me 122 euro, and I did need the full 120 minutes to fill out and review the 59 questions. So far the VoiceXML certification test is only offered on a desktop computer – if anyone’s working on a VoiceXML implementation, let me know :-)

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  1. Ganesan says:


    I am also planning to take the certification exam.

    Can you please let me know whats the pass percentage for this exam?

    Any good books for this exam ?

  2. Hi Ganesan,

    Pass percentage is 72/100. My favourite book is still “VoiceXML: Professional Developer’s Guide” by Sharma & Kunins(http://www.amazon.com/VoiceXML-Professional-Developers-Guide-CDROM/dp/0471418935), but it’s not a study book.

    As a reference, I bought the VXML Guide (http://www.vxmlguide.com/) on CD; it also has a book version. Do allow some time for delivery if you order the CD – I had to wait for about two weeks.

    I also like Voxeo’s online VoiceXML guide (http://www.voicexmlguide.com/), which has the benefit of immediate availability.

    But as I wrote in my post, there’s no better preparation for this test than development experience.

    Happy studying, and good luck with the test!

  3. Ganesan says:

    Hi Frederik,

    Thanks for the info.

    Do you have any sample Questions or dumps which you can share with me or post it here?


  4. Sundari says:


    I passed VXML Certification Exam on Feb,2008.
    I have sent repeated mails to VXML Forum.
    But still neither my name is getting listed in the website nor Iam getting any response from the VXML Forum.
    I tried reaching them over the phone.But noone is picking up.
    Can you please advice.

  5. Ramprasad says:

    I am also looking forward to taken the VXML certification , can u please shares the areas i need to cover for the exam and guide me to go through with best books

  6. zubair says:

    Hi Sundari,

    i am also looking forward for VXML-Certification , could you please inform me about references/books that can be handful for achieving this goal with good marks.

    i have three years of experience in this field.

    Hope a positive response from your side , thanks in advance for your help.


  7. Anitha Rosy says:


    I am waiting to take up the VXML certification exam and have been looking through books to enrich my knowledge. But still being a VXML tester I would like to have some training materials especially java script.Could someone help me out…


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